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With the real proporsal offering works and services inherents to constructions industry: industrial, urban, building and supplying of high quality to the federal and municipal buildings, such as particulars AVICA CONSTRUCTIONS is constituted on July 2007 in Villahermosa city, Tabasco.

At AVICA CONSTRUCTIONS has characterized always due to our responsibility, such as in good time as the quality of the contracted works, all these points have allowed us continuous working in the constructions field.

At the same time our compromise with our clients is with the support of a total satisfaction in the service that provide them.

Accoding to the acquiring experience through capacity continuous of our personnel, it has developed a great knowledge in order to carry out with the objectives and normatives in every one of the contract that have worked.

  • Manufacture of metallics tanks.
  • Manufacture and rent of containers of chemical materials.
  • Manufacture of drilling cuttings containers of 4m3 capacity...


» Manufacturer of metal tanks.
» Rent and manufacture of containers in order to store chemical material.
» Manufacture of drilling cuttings containers capacity 4m3.
» Rent and manufacture of Telescopics structure.
» Rent and manufacture of Campers.
» Manufacturer of vertical tanks in order to store differents kinds of fluids Capacities 47 – 90 m3.



» Manintenance for Heavy Vehicle.
» Maintenance of metal containers for dangerous garbage and non dangerous of 6m3 Capacity.
» Maintenance of drilling cuttings containers of 4m3 Capacity.
» Manufacture and installation of mixture tanks.
» Asphalt Paving.
» Repairing and Paving .