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To be a leader company in our job, committed through excellence of our services, being innovators and flexible in our relationships with our customers.


AVICA Constructions, a suppliers company of products, services and solutions to the petroleum industry; everything these gotten covering every one of the necessities of our clients in a good way, giving effective solutions in order to get the best satisfaction of our clients.
  • The success of our clients is due to the compromise with the objectives getting so a general balance among our clients, our company, and the environment.
  • Working with the highest standards of quality, getting the expectantly of our clients.
  • The accidents in the work can be avoided; that is why making an effort for having our working areas in order and clean, so the accidents are avoidables.
  • Holding always our integrity, serving always in good time and with responsibility with all our compromises.
  • The compromise for keeping our environment, that is why take care of and follow responsibilities as our rules.

verything these objectives are gotten through the compromise not only with our customers but with our workers too; that is why worry for keeping a good harmony inside the working areas, so getting an emotional stability and moral of every one of our participants, stimulating and encouraging them to be the best in the job day after day.